34 ways to hack Facebook


Using Appmia software you can see and read all the chats and conversations that took place in Facebook on target phone. All the messages sent/received will the help of that phone will be available to you. So, believe – monitoring Facebook is easy and with the help of this software you will see how to hack Facebook messages.

  • All the messages and chats will be seen.
  • All the names of the participants will be clear.
  • You will know the date and time of this or that message or conversation.
  • Find all the files including images, audios and videos that were sent with the help of Facebook or were saved on the target device.
  • All those messages will be save to the control panel of Appmia, so you can check them at phone any other place with Internet connection.

Why it will be useful for you

There can be plenty of reasons – worrying about your kid’s activity on social media platforms; controlling your colleagues or subordinates for more proper organizing of the work time; checking your beloved person in order to be sure you are still loved. Any information about their Facebook activity can be easily found as soon as you download that special spy software. After the installation Appmia will report you any Facebook activity as soon as you log in with the help of its control panel on your phone.

Some other features of Appmia:

  • Read all the instant messages (Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessages)
  • Track GPS location and URL
  • Wire-tapping and spying the calls
  • The ability to block the phone
  • Get access to all the multimedia files
  • Access to address book, memos and list of the applications
  • Blocking of sites and apps as well as numbers from sending SMS or calls
  • Undetectable icon
  • Around-the-clock support
  • 5 days money back guarantee

Some of the reasons why you need it:

  • Monitoring of your employers, kids and lovers
  • Simple returning of your smartphone if it is stolen or lost
  • Phone information protection

Want to become our customer?

Get your Appmia license today and track all the activities from the target device: call logs, messengers, media files, location tracking. Just install the app to the target phone and monitor your children or employees.

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