Popular Apps Teenagers Use to Deal With Sexting


Today children follow the last technological trends in the world of mobile industry. If you take a phone of your kid you will probably see dozens of various applications. Some of them will seem familiar to you, but the majority of installed apps will still be new and unknown for parents who do not follow mobile applications closely. It doesn’t mean that all apps are bad. Some of them can be very useful for your kid at school or in everyday life. However, there are six apps that teens install primarily with one goal – teen sexting.

WhatsApp and Kik

Teens cannot imagine their life without texting. Even if you have a calm and shy kid it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t like texting. All teens like it, and a lot of them are involved in teen sexting as well. WhatsApp and Kik are among the most popular messaging services. You have probably see on social networks that some people say “kik me”. It means to send a private message via Kik messenger. This type of texting usually includes obscene words, images and even personal photos exchange. So getting a Kik spy app may be a good idea.

Sex Texts Lite and Dirty Talking Lite

These two applications are designed more as a source of entertainment than a messaging service. For example these apps can be used when a teen wants to make a compliment like a real pirate. Your kid can use it to send some dirty compliments to his or her lover. These types of apps may seem just as a way of entertainment, but sometimes parents become nervous when their children chose this method to make jokes and view it as teen sexting.

iDelete and Snapchat

iDelete and Snapchat are perfect apps for sexting. If your child has one of these apps on his or her cell phone, there is a high chance that your teen uses them for sex chatting. The main feature of these applications is that the messages that you send are automatically deleted by a program after they were viewed. Hence, even if you get access to your kid’s mobile phone and want to check his or her messages, you will find nothing in iDelete or Snapchat. It motivates people to feel more safe and send those messages and pictures that they were not supposed to. In 2014, Snapchat had a security issue about that. They added more security features and now you can retract a message or cancel a sent message if you sent it to the wrong person. However, parents can still monitor their children’s activity with a Snapchat spy application.


Tinder is an online dating mobile application. This program requires that only adults can use it, so teens often lie about their age in the profile. Users can exchange images and evaluate them putting good or bad rate. The risk of this application is that your teen can chat with somebody who will send provocative images. Another thing that you should take into account is that there are many users who have fake accounts. So, use a Tinder spy app to make sure that your teen child does not chat with a total stranger who is older than stated and has different appearance and motivation.

Zip It

Zip It is probably the only app from the list which parents can approve. Apps mentioned above are usually used to have unsafe sexting in a rude or negative way. This app allows to control the flow of messages and say “stop talking in this way, I am not interested”. Users can use various pictures to inform other users that they don’t want to chat with them. For this goal they have a wide range of images. For example, there is an image of a monkey covering its eyes which means that user wants to chat, but he or she doesn’t like the way this chat goes. Another image shows a hawk with a caption title “HAWKWARD”. There is a lot of such images which can clearly explain that the user doesn’t want to chat in this way or doesn’t want to chat at all. This chat app is more useful for teens than any other because here they can resist the inappropriate messages and say NO when the conversation goes too far.

Monitoring software is the best solution for parents who want ensure that their teens are in safety and don’t receive inappropriate messages or photos. For some parents a children spy app is not the best way of control, but it is the most effective. You will always be aware whether you kid has normal communication or not. Due to monitoring software you can even track messaging services like WhatsApp and be always informed about images and photos that your kid exchanges with others. If you think that this measure is too radical you can ignore children spy apps, but you cannot ignore the safety of your kids. So think twice before you decide not to use a Kik spy, Snapchat spy or Tinder spy app in order to protect your children from unwanted conversations.

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