Remote cell phone spy free for Android & iOS phones


It’s no surprise that sometimes we need more information about something. For example, more recommendations to make right decision, more advices to find a good place for trip, more information about person to trust.

By this reason lots of people have always dreamed that someday they would be able to be informed about everything they consider to be important. Do you want to know more about your family or colleagues? Let’s think, that there is a special software exist which allows access to someone else’s cell phone. Using it you can monitor the target person activity and deal with that.

In which cases do you need to hold remote phone spy?

There are lots of situations, which require additional information to take a decision. Usually people use all data they have to be more effective, reputable, smart… And all these statements belongs to relationships. Note: it's true about all kind of relationships from personal to corporate.

So here are most popular situations when you need to know more about target person:

  1. having new boyfriend of girlfriend. How you can decide is this person worth to continue your relationships or not? Remote phone spy can really help you in decision;
  2. planning to get married. You may know your fiancé for a while, but it doesn't guarantee you'll regret about this marriage in the future;
  3. running own business. Maybe your subordinates spend too much time on none-working questions? Of course, they can send personal emails, speak to relatives, etc. But practice upon boss' trust is too much.
  4. having little children or children-teenagers. Bad people around, lots of violence in the Web, movies for adult – all this staff can cause philological and physician trauma. Parents must be very attentive to protect their child.

Don't you know how to spy on iPhone free? Well, you are going to be taught right now.

First, you need is a special software. It can be free Android spy or maybe free iPhone spy app depending on target person cell phone. All applications run only on those devices which support your operating system. If you don't want to make a mistake and buy a wrong program you should choose that one which support Android and iOS platform at the same time. Appmia is such application. You can download it at special page on official website.

Then you need to install this software. There is nothing complicate, even the little child can handle it. Using wizard allow avoiding any problems while software is installing on target device. So now you can advise another people how to spy on iPhone free.

Here are the most popular features of free Android spy:

  1. Takes person's location. You will always know where your target person is. This feature is quite popular among parents, who have no time for controlling each step of their child, but aspire to protect him or her from troubles.
  2. Records calls and saves logs. You will get access to special income and outcome list plus listen records of calls.
  3. Saves sms, emails and other messages. Besides reading texts you can view media files which were transferred via following apps.
  4. Allows controlling target phone in a remote way.
  5. Shows an activity in the Web. Viewed pages, bookmarks, etc will be available for you.

Besides, this application cost only $19.99 for month! It is really a small fee to know everything you want. So hurry up to download Appmia and use this free iPhone spy app to be always alert to important actions in target person life.

Want to become our customer?

Get your Appmia license today and track all the activities from the target device: call logs, messengers, media files, location tracking. Just install the app to the target phone and monitor your children or employees.

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